A horizontal laying waterwheel is resting in the middle of a tractor tire tube. Due to water flow the wheel is turning and thus (with help of a special generator) creating electricity. The generated energy can be used for light, cooling of medicine or charging batteries and mobile phones in remote regions.

Unlike solar panels the rotor can generate electricity day and night.

The created current can directly be used at the location.

Materials: steel, tractor tire, sheet steel, steel tube, electric generator

Dimensions: diameter 1,40m, height 1m

The H-Darrieus rotor is a flow turbine with a vertical axis, which is based on the lift principle of airfoil shaped wings.


The production system takes the low cost concept into consideration. This means all materials must be easily repairable,
durable and easy to transport.

The technique is held as understandable as possible and has been reduced to the essentials.:

metal welding / soldering / riveting; Wood screwing / gluing; Hose repair with bicycle accessories;
Power supply by using simple battery technology from cars / motorcycles / trucks

Bearings and Shaft